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The Pencil X-Ray Teardown

In a world of Apple Pencils and styluses, sometimes we forget the the old writing instruments that have almost been completely replaced by finger swipes and keyboards. Although I consider myself a geek at heart, I still carry around an old style paper notebook to write ideas and to do lists. Nothing better to share your ideas with than a clean sheet of paper. And the mechanical pencil is your best friend there! So today we will look in detail on how this nice mechanical pencil is built, starting with a couple of animations showing the action of pushing the lead out.


Now in more detail so you can observe the mechanism at the end of the pencil. Isn’t it incredible the fine mechanics in this piece?


Here are some other images of details around the pencil, starting with the clip at the end of the pencil:


And the eraser end and its attachment to the pencil:


Finally a close look at the lead and its control mechanism:

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