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The Scourge of Counterfeits: Oliver’s Blog

Counterfeit products abound from high-end luxury items to the mundane necessities of daily life.  In his most recent blog, Oliver Start shared a recent encounter with a counterfeit Apple Lightning to headphone jack adapter, which he had reached out to Creative Electron about to get a bit of X-ray insight.

There’s nothing like X-ray images for taking a deep dive on the intricate differences between counterfeit and genuine products, and Oliver’s Blog demonstrates this really nicely.   At $9.00 retail, it’s hard to believe a product like this is attractive to counterfeiters. However, Oliver shows the extent to which they imitate packaging and external features to pass off such product as authentic.  He also explains how such products come up short in imitating both aesthetics and performance. Before you head over to Oliver’s blog for the full story, guess which one of the below lightning ports is authentic and which is the knock-off.

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