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There’s Still Time to Get an X-ray System Under the Tree!


Don’t let the year get by you without exploring how a tax-advantaged capital equipment purchase, say an X-ray inspection system from Creative Electron, can help make your operation more competitive going into 2022.  Whether you are advised to take advantage of Bonus Depreciation or Section 179, the tax benefits of making an equipment purchase as an investment in your business can result in substantial immediate benefit to your bottom line, but you must take delivery before year’s end.

By starting your selection process as early as possible, you are better able to evaluate equipment to ensure maximum benefit to your enterprise.  If you are considering X-ray technology, this means getting sample images for your application to ensure that you get a system optimized for your inspection needs. While our team will do backflips to get your ideal equipment in place by year’s end, starting the process early also allows for system customization, a specialty of ours here at Creative Electron.

In addition to the potential advantages of electing to make use of Section 179 and/or Bonus Depreciation, Creative Electron can offer financing, leasing, and even deferred payments so that you won’t make your first payment until well into 2022.  Contact us for details.  If you happen to have an aging X-ray system, we can even offer trade-in value.

We know it’s easy to get distracted by the turkey and sugar plums, but please consider spending a few minutes learning about how an X-ray inspection system can benefit your business.  Reach out to one of our Xperts today.

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