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Through Hole Vias

Many forecasted the death of radio when the TV was invented. Or the end of regular mail when email was invented. Much like radio and snail mail, through hole components didn’t disappear once surface mount technology (SMT) components were introduced in the the market. Much like the other technologies, through hole components had a smaller adoption, but they will not die. At least not anytime soon.

Why? The fact that the metal lead of a through hole component is inserted through the printed circuit board (PCB) gives it far superior mechanical strength when compared to SMT. That, in turn, gives through hole components better thermal management and higher reliability.

For these reasons, high reliability industries – automotive, aerospace, medical, military – will delay replacing through hole components as long as possible. The well established history of these devices as robust components continue to guarantee their existence.

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The proper connection of the leads of an electronic component – capacitors, inductors, resistors, ICs – into the substrate is critical for mechanical and electrical reasons. The improper fill of a through hole via (or barrel) can lead to improper electrical performance and early mechanical fatigue of the assembly.


The proper connection of the leads of a connector into the substrate is critical for mechanical and electrical reasons. Improperly filled vias can lead to the premature mechanical or electrical failure of the connector, thus shortening the assembly’s lifespan.

Thermal Vias

Thermal vias are filled to reduce the thermal impedance between layers of a printed circuit board. They are critical, for example, to dissipate the heat from power devices – from the thermal pad to an internal thermal layer. The improper fill of these vias can lead to the premature failure of the power device, damage to the board, or both.