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Time for a Change: Film to Digital Radiography

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2020 is driving a lot of change, especially in how we do business. Workplace and supply chains are disrupted, and commodity prices are rising due to demand as well as uncertainty. A dramatic rise in silver prices, for example, is affecting the cost of many products, not the least of which is film. This and other factors make it a great time to get serious about making the move from film to digital imaging for your NDT application.

Whether you are employing cabinet or field-deployable X-ray systems, the cost isn’t limited to the film itself. Film requires costly processing with equipment that requires maintenance and chemistry that requires replacement, not to mention hazardous materials disposal. Long term archiving of film can be expensive too but is required for many contracts. Employing digital detectors can eliminate these costs, and the benefits don’t stop there.

Digital detectors can provide image results much faster than film while providing better resolution and consistency.  Digital images can be analyzed with the help of imaging software tools and are easily shared and archived. The move from film to digital can reduce shot time, improve throughput, and allow for AI-enabled software analysis. If a level three radiographer is required but isn’t available onsite, high-quality images can still be evaluated remotely within minutes.

The team at Creative Electron can help retrofit your current cabinet X-ray system from film to digital, as well as incorporate automation and imaging software. In addition, as an authorized supplier of Carestream NDT equipment, film, and imaging plates, we can help you with all your digital RT needs. To learn more about how your operation can benefit by making the change from film to digital imaging, please contact our experts directly.

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