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Top Five of 2021!


Wow! We’ve just about got another year in the books.  That means it’s time for a little reflection on the year that was, and so a look at our top five posts for 2021.

#5 Automation Rules

For lots of reasons, 2021 saw a greater push toward automated inspection solutions.  We built a number of  automated (some even autonomous) systems for medical device, ballistic plate, and eCommerce inspection.  This fully automated system with robotic material handling got a lot of attention!

#4 The X-ray Van

The Creative Electron X-ray Van was a hot topic this year.  Our solution to the absence of trade shows was a real hit.  It’s cross country trip landed it in Florida to start 2022 (book your visit here).  Read more about van demos here.

#3 Medical Device: Auto Injectors

Another medical device inspection system captured a bunch of eyeball in 2021.  Auto injectors can be critical, even life saving devices, but are complex and usually best validated after being fully assembled and packaged.  Here’s the story of one of the more important machines we built this year.

#2 Semiconductor Shortage

The semiconductor shortage was well covered in the news, but the resulting wave of counterfeits was not.  Creative Electron CEO, Dr. Bill Cardoso, started sounding the alarm early and eventually caught the attention of Forbes, The Wallstreet Journal, and NPR’s MarketplaceHere is his early piece on the subject.

#1 The Tragedy of Lizzy

A lithium ion battery fire resulted in the untimely demise of Dr. Bill Cardoso’s 1928 Model A EV conversion.  While it ended up being our most engaged media post of the year, Dr. Cardoso told the marketing department in no uncertain terms, “No, I’m not burning another car.”  Revisit the story here.

Seasons greetings and happy new year everyone!

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