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TruView™ 10: A New Way to Think About X-Ray Inspection

rev·o·lu·tion: ˌrevəˈlo͞oSH(ə)n/ a dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way something works or is organized or in people’s ideas about it.


To make something really revolutionary, it comes a time when you need destroy what you have and start from ground zero. For us that time came 18 months ago. To be more exact, it was a crisp Tuesday morning in Southern California when the kickoff meeting for Project Mosaic (which later became TruView™ 10) started. Our whole development team – hardware, software, firmware – stared at blank whiteboard. Clean slate. No more upgrades and patches. We needed a revolution.


The goal: to design the x-ray software our customers really want.


It quickly became apparent that this new software wasn’t going to be completed in a couple of weeks or months. This was a big endeavor. A big and expensive endeavor. As a small company we have be careful about big bets. Unlike large corporations, we can’t afford losing money on large R&D projects that go nowhere. But revolutions don’t start in vacuum. To focus our objectives, we talked to hundreds of customers prior to the start of Project Mosaic. We asked and we listened.


Thus the whiteboard wasn’t blank for long. Ideas started to flow, and slowly Project Mosaic took shape. To accomplish what we need in software, we realized we had to redesign our hardware and firmware. We needed an automation system that was faster and more accurate than what we had before. We needed a more responsive firmware. We needed more degrees of freedom in our actuators. So we did it.


Fast forward 18 months and we’re ready to unveil TruView™ 10 next week at IPC APEX. Built on a true 64-bit platform, TruView™ 10 has a set of features that I think will resonate with our customers. For example, it limits the role of the operator to load and unload boards from the machine. TruView™ 10 takes images, analyses, runs tests, and produces reports – all automatically. To minimize downtime in the machine, all the programming of the tests can be done offline at a separate workstation. Actually, tests can be programmed from a remote location. The reports automatically produced by this machine are incredible. Lot’s of useful information with all the details and trace-ability that you need.


I look forward to sharing TruView™ 10 with you. It’s the result of a lot of work from a very dedicated group of people – and TruView™ 10 shows it.
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