TruView™ 10 X-Ray Software: You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

We designed the TruView™ 10 X-Ray Software as a scalable platform that is available in all TruView™ x-ray systems. This common platform brings you many advantages.

  • It allows you to upgrade within the TruView™ family with minimal added training.
  • You benefit from upgrades and other developments in the software, even if not directly targeted to your specific TruView™ product.
  • You can count on a mature software package built by a team of in-house software professionals.

The TruView™ 10 X-Ray Software is offered in two versions, depending on your needs and application. All TruView™ X-Ray systems ship with the TruView™ 10 Standard, while the TruView™ 10 Premium is optional. Here’s what the TruView™ 10 Standard and Premium packages can do for you in our different platforms.

TruView™ 10 Standard

Available as the standard software platform in all TruView™ x-ray inspection systems we sell, the TruView™ 10 Standard is packed with a full set of tools for data acquisition and annotation, including a complete database browser.

TruView™ 10 Premium: Fusion | Fully Automated Inspection

The TruView™ 10 Premium for the TruView™ Fusion turns your x-ray system into a fully automated inspection machine. Here’s how it works:

  1. You select in the TruView™ 10 Software the locations on the PCB (or panel) you’d like inspected.
  2. For each location, you determine which tests are you running – BGA voids, opens and shorts, pad voiding, etc.
  3. To make your life easier, you can select what a good and bad image look like. That allows TruView™ 10 Premium to automatically set pass/fail for your inspection.
  4. You’re done, now it’s time to inspect as many boards as you need!

As the operator feeds boards into the system, the TruView™ 10 Premium keeps a complete set of statistics for your boards. This is the perfect tool to monitor your SMT process. In the TruView™ 10 dashboard you can, for example, visualize and track how good voiding is in your board as a function of time. This data can be easily compiled and exported using TruView™ 10 Premium’s automatic report generation tool. Contact us today for a sample report!

TruView™ 10 Premium: Prime | Semi-automated Inspection

The TruView™ 10 Premium for the TruView™ Prime allows you to collect data automatically using one of two methods:

  1. Use a grid inspection – enter the x and y pitch in the machine, like a CNC, and the TruView™ Prime will collected data in those locations
  2. Creative a custom path – use the joystick to tell the machine which locations in your board you need inspected.

Using either method, you’re now ready to inspect as many boards as you need! But unlike the TruView™ 10 Premium for the Fusion, the TruView™ 10 version for the Prime will not give you pass/fail. On the TruView™ 10 for the Prime you’ll have to manually collect the images and run them by the analysis tools – BGA voids, pad voiding, and others.  Contact us to learn more!

TruView™ 10 Premium: Cube | Manual Inspection

The TruView™ 10 Premium package brings a set of analysis tools for the TruView™ Cube. Here’s how it works:

  1. Using the motorized stage of the TruView™ Cube, move your sample to the locations you’d like inspected.
  2. At each location, press the “camera” icon to acquire an image.

Once you’re acquired all images needed, you can analyze them individually using the same powerful tools available in other TruView™ 10 platforms: BGA voids, pad voiding, and others.
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