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TruView™ 11 is here

TruView™ 11 is here. Our new advanced software for X-ray inspection systems, TruView™ 11’s suite of tools is easy to learn, easy to use, and offers unrivaled image quality and advanced automation capabilities to EMS providers and other manufacturers seeking to improve quality and productivity.

TruView™ 11 software offers even higher frame rates and image quality than its predecessors, as well as new, advanced automation tools.  These enhancements are a biproduct of listening to the range of customer needs from the broad user base utilizing Creative Electron’s TruView™ Cube, TruView™ Prime, and TruView™ Fusion X-ray inspection platforms.

TruView™ 11  features include:

  • Image enhancement algorithms for outstanding inspection quality
  • A rich suite of standard tools such as Source Control, Frame Averaging, Annotation, Measurement tools and much more
  • Project Manager: Images and analysis are easily saved and exported with an automated reporting tool that saves operators hours in collecting and presenting data

Premium features and options include:

  • BGA and Void test, as well as Dual Energy, Grid, and Waypoint inspection
  • Powerful tools: Computer vision and artificial intelligence powered identification of defects


Learn more about TruView™ 11, as well as Creative Electron’s other software solutions here.