TruView™ Fusion AXI: Inline with Your Needs

Designed for the high mix SMT environment, the TruView™ Fusion AXI has a “one-button” program interface and a fully automated operation. Intuitive and easy to use so you don’t have to become an x-ray expert. 

You don’t want to buy an x-ray machine. You want to buy efficiency for your line – and that’s exactly what the TruView™ Fusion AXI gives you. Results so you can quickly turn data into information, information into action, and action into ROI!

Your next AXI system has to be a source of information, not a source of bottlenecks. With a 25s cycle time, the TruView™ Fusion AXI will keep up with the fastest lines. Speed you can count on to keep your lines running at full efficiency.  

Your Next SMT Line

X-Ray Your Process, Not Your Boards

  • Easy to program – “one-button” reference board setup
  • Easy to use – fully automated operation
  • Layer separation for double sided boards
  • Optional CAD data import
  • Fast – 25 seconds cycle time
  • Bar code scanner – integrated and automated
  • CFX and Hermes – Ready for Industry 4.0
  • Real time dashboarding
  • Actionable data is the critical weapon in diagnosing issues that cost you money.
  • The de facto control panel of your manufacturing process.

Learn More Today!

The all new TruView™ Fusion AXI will be introduced at the 2019 IPC APEX Exhibition in San Diego, CA. The TruView™ Fusion AXI will be working at the CFX line – a demonstration of the next generation SMT line – ready for Industry  4.0.
Please contact us today for more information about the TruView™ Fusion AXI and how it can be used to improve the efficiency of your SMT line.
Yes, the future is here.