TruView™ Fusion LED: Size Matters

LEDs are great, but voids can turn great products into great disasters. Introducing the all new TruView™ Fusion LED, the first x-ray machine designed to meet the stringent requirements of LED panel manufacturers. We understand your challenges dealing with large boards, huge number of components, and fast cycle time. We designed the TruView Fusion LED for you.

You don’t want to buy an x-ray machine. You want to buy efficiency for your line – and that’s exactly what the TruView™ Fusion LED gives you. Results so you can quickly turn data into information, information into action, and action into ROI!

Your x-ray system has to be a source of information, not a source of bottlenecks. With a 45s cycle time (24″ board), the TruView™ Fusion LED will keep up with the fastest lines. Speed you can count on to keep your lines running at full efficiency.  

Learn More Today!

Your search for the perfect x-ray system to inspect your LED panels is over. Capable of inspecting the larger boards in the market today, the TruView Fusion LED is the right x-ray machine to assure that the quality of the product you’re shipping meets the requirements of your customers. Don’t delay, contact us today for a demonstration!