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TruView™ Inspector Software Launched Today

TruView™ Inspector Software Launched Today

Following up on the successful launch of our new TruView™ Parts Counter AI last week at SMTA International, today we bring to you the all new TruView™ Inspector software. This powerful upgrade to the already powerful TruView™ Parts Counter AI allows you to use your parts counter to inspect PCBs. And even more than that, it enables you to compare x-ray images – between a good known sample and your production boards. As a result, the TruView™ Parts Counter AI becomes much more than a parts counter. If becomes a critical tool in your quality control toolbox.

The TruView™ Inspector software is also very easy to use. To program it all you need to do is to push one button. Yes, one button to program it! Once programmed – meaning that the image comparison engine has learned what a good sample looks like – it’s time to place your production boards to identify issues like:

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