Bring Your X-Ray Machine to the 21st Century

So the computer on your Nicolet, FocalSpot, Faxitron, Glenbrook (or any other brand) x-ray machine died or is about to die. Or your x-ray machine is still running a Windows XP or Windows 7 PC. Perhaps you lost the “dongle” to properly operate the x-ray software. Or you’re looking for the latest Apps to help you inspect your samples. No matter what the reason is, the new TruView Image Processor (TruView IP) may be the solution you’re looking for!
Why TruView IP?
– Improved safety of the latest Windows 10 operational system.
– Complete plug-and-play solution
– Total platform upgrade – TruView IP includes software and hardware
– Technical support from our US-based developers
– Ability to run your x-ray machine with a new PC

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