TruView™ Parts Counter AI: Intelligent

The TruView™ Parts Counter AI is the first x-ray parts counter powered by our own custom artificial intelligence (AI) engine. Not only it makes it the fastest and most accurate x-ray parts counter fully Industry 4.0 ready, it also gives you the ability to:

    • Quality spot check with TruView™ Inspector upgrade
    • Find counterfeit components
    • Find mislabeled reels
    • Find missing components in the reel
    • Count 4 reels at a time
    • Inspect printed circuit boards
    • Exclude components that may be radiation sensitive

The USA-made TruView™ Parts Counter AI is ready to be integrated to your ERP/MRP system:

  • Industry 4.0 ready with IPC CFX
  • PanaCIM MES full integration
  • Embedded interface with storage towers and ERP/MRP
  • Oracle, SAP, Epicor (and others) for easy material control
  • Custom label design to match what you’re using today

Fully developed and supported by our team in California, the TruView™ Parts Counter AI is also the only battery-powered and portable x-ray based parts counter. Ready to be deployed in your inventory area, the TruView™ Parts Counter AI is fast and accurate. Able to count parts on reels, trays, and cut tape, the TruView™ Parts Counter AI is the ideal solution to bring your material management to the next level.

Counting 4 Reels in 8 Seconds

The TruView™ Parts Counter AI is fast and accurate. It allows you to count 4 reels in less than 8 seconds. An easy to use interface enables one-button operation, no training needed by the operator.

Counting Large Components

Counting large components has always been a challenge for x-ray parts counters. Tall parts cast a shadow on neighboring components (also called parallax). To solve this problem, a powerful AI engine was designed to recognize where the components are – and count them accurately.

Detecting Counterfeit Components

The TruView™ Parts Counter AI is the first x-ray parts counter powered by our own custom artificial intelligence (AI) engine. This AI engine allows us to not only accurately count the parts on the reel, but also to compare the components on the reels. Image mismatches are signaled to the operator as suspect counterfeit, allowing you to set the reel aside for secondary inspection by the TruView Prime Reel to Reel inspection system.

PCB Inspection

The TruView™ Inspector is a powerful upgrade to your TruView™ Parts Counter AI. This upgrade allows you to quickly and efficiently perform x-ray inspection of your samples – medical devices, PCB, castings – by comparing production units to a known-good sample (reference image, golden sample). The TruView™ Inspector runs on our proprietary algorithms that perform image registration and comparison so you can spot check your production without stopping the production line. Some of the great features of your TruView™ Inspector include:
– One button push to program the board
– Easy to use: fast to add to your manufacturing process
– Find SMT defects on your PCB: shorts, opens, voids, missing components
– Detect counterfeit components
– Identify wrong component orientation

Detecting Mislabeled Reels

Mislabeled reels can cause significant problems in the SMT production line. Thousands and millions of dollars can be lost if the wrong component is placed on a board. To address this vulnerability, the TruView™ Parts Counter AI has a powerful artificial intelligence engine that identifies the component on the reel based on the x-ray image taken. As a result, it can identify discrepancies between the data in the ERP/MRP system and the label on the reel. As seen in the video, if the reel has tantalum capacitors, but the ERP system has the label as resistors, the TruView™ Parts Counter AI will flag this discrepancy and warn the operator to a potential mistake. At that point the operator can correct the error, and avoid a costly problem.

Radiation Sensitive Components

Although components in the TruView™ Parts Counter AI are subject to a small amount of radiation and for a short period time, there are some special applications that require the minimization of radiation exposure of certain parts. For this reason, the TruView™ Parts Counter AI allows you to flag these special components in your ERP system, such that if the flag is matched by the TruView™ Parts Counter AI the system will stop the operator from taking an x-ray image of the reel. An extra layer of protection to give you the peace of mind you need in managing your inventory.

IPC CFX Integration


The TruView™ Parts Counter AI is ready out-of-the-box with the latest release of the IPC standard CFX. IPC-CFX simplifies and standardizes machine to machine communication while also facilitating machine to business/business to machine solutions. Your TruView™ Parts Counter AI is also capable of interfacing to a wide rage of MRP/ERP systems, including Oracle, Panasonic PanaCIM, REST, and others.

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For more details and a live demo, contact us today! We’ll also be at the upcoming SMTA International in Chicago, from October 16-17. Please set up your appointment for a live demo at the show, spaces limited.


TruView Parts Counter AI Brochure

Maximum Reel Size: 16″
Accuracy: Better than 99%
X-ray Source: 80kV
Reel Count: Four 7″ reels or single 16″ reel at a time
Reel Manipulation: Easy Drawer to Load/Unload Reels
System Dimensions (LxWxH): 24”x24”x44”
User Interface: Touchscreen + Bar Code Scanner + Printer
Industry 4.0: Full CFX integration.
ERP Integration: All major ERP systems, including Oracle, SAP, Epicor, and many others.
Included Software: Custom AI engine developed by Creative Electron.
Included Computer: PC with Windows OS, fully networkable.
Warranty: 3-year warranty.
Safety: FDA compliant and CE certified. Cabinet fully shielded with multiple interlocks, keyed start switch, and emergency stop switch. Certified to operate worldwide.


TruView™ Parts Counter

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