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Big Boards, No Problem: TruView™ PCB Inspector

Bare board inspection isn’t particularly sexy. We do, however,  think some of you may be excited by the capabilities of Creative Electron’s new TruView™ PCB Inspector.

Big boards? No problem. The TruView™ PCB Inspector can handle up to 48″x48″ panels, giving you the power to accurately evaluate even your largest boards. This system makes it easy to inspect unpopulated circuit boards for common defects, such as misregistered holes, burrs, broken traces, or bridging due to poor etching.

Like all TruView™ X-ray systems, it has exceptional image quality and powerful image analysis software. Your TruView™ PCB Inspector is designed, manufactured, and fully supported by our facility in San Marcos, CA. Reach out now to learn how Creative Electron can help take the bear out of bare board inspection.

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