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TruView SRT: Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication


As it is true with most technology companies, our R&D team works tirelessly in the development of algorithms, software, and hardware that improves our products. In this continues – and perhaps limitless –  pursuit of a “better” product, we must be careful not to loose touch with the end user. We live in a very pragmatic world populated by educated users who come to us with deep knowledge of their needs. For that reason, sometimes the biggest technological advances come in the simplicity of the machines we make.

We designed the TruView SRT with a “less is more” motto. An interface with a few discrete push buttons replaces the traditional keyboard/mouse user interface. A minimalist software design replaces the app driven environment of TruView 6. We recognize that some users need a Swiss Army knife and some only need a good screwdriver. The TruView SRT is a plugin system ready for action!

Check the introductory video for more information, and as usual, contact us if you have any questions.

TruView™ SRT Introduction Video

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