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Van on the Run: Our X-ray Van in Action


The Creative Electron X-ray van has started venturing out again.  We are meeting prospects where they are and demonstrating the capabilities of our TruView™ X-ray inspection systems.  Last week, we made the rounds in Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area.

One recurring theme on our recent visits was how impressed folks are with the system’s ease of use.  A number of prospects noted that while their facilities already have X-ray systems, they are so complicated to use that they are essentially off-limits to much of the staff.

We were pleased by the repeated comments and compliments regarding the image quality.  Unless you’ve seen your own samples under live (real-time) X-ray examination, you will likely be impressed by how much the images can reveal.  One prospect, a Silicon Valley social media heavyweight, was so impressed by what they saw in their demo, they asked if they could just unload the system from the van and keep it.  That’s what we call “making an impression!”

Let us impress you too.  Check out the van schedule and request your own demo visit.  These are “no pressure” demonstrations, and the Van is always staffed by an X-ray applications specialist, not a salesperson.  And, of course, Creative Electron values your safety as well as the safety of our team, and so follow all CDC Covid recommendations with care.

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