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Visit from the mayor of San Marcos

This past Monday Mayor Jim Desmond and stopped by our offices in San Marcos to visit our manufacturing and R&D operation. Jim has been the mayor of San Marcos ( since 2006, and has recently been reelected for another 4-year term. The video is part of the city council meeting that same day.

San Marcos is a great place to host a business. The city management is super friendly, and they are always ready to help whenever needed. As a business owner you can’t ask for more. We look forward to many more productive years here in San Marcos as we continue to expand our business!

10 Reasons to Live in San Marcos

  1. Strong Local and Regional Economy
    San Marcos enjoys a low unemployment rate and is one of the fastest growing cities in San Diego County. Its low crime rate and strong commitment to promote economic development also add to the community’s value.
  2. Excellent Transportation Network
    Located along the SPRINTER commuter rail line with excellent bus service, San Marcos has a solid transportation network. The City is located along Highway 78 and has six interchanges along that route, with easy access to Interstates 5 and 15. Several airports are also close by, including Carlsbad/Palomar Airport (6 miles), San Diego Airport (35 miles) and Orange County Airport (60 miles).
  3. Availability of Land for Development
    Approximately 72 percent of the City is built-out.
  4. Central North County Location
    San Marcos has an excellent urban (rural) interface setting with small town informality plus easy access to San Diego and southern Riverside and Orange County markets via Interstates 5 and 15.
  5. Exceptional Educational Opportunities
    San Marcos is quickly becoming known as the educational hub of San Diego North with its award-winning school district, Palomar Community College and California State University San Marcos. Easy commutes are also available to other nearby colleges/universities as well as several employee skills training opportunities.
  6. Diversified Housing Market
    Home to award-winning San Elijo Hills and other master planned communities, San Marcos is the leader in providing quality housing with a wide range of prices and designs.
  7. Quality Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Programs
    A master parks and trails program, exceptional community recreation programs, City/school district cooperative programs, access to lakes, beaches and cultural programs enhance the quality of life that residents enjoy in San Marcos.
  8. Hospitable Climate
    It’s hard to beat the mild, year-round climate that San Marcos enjoys. An average of nine to 11 inches of rain falls annually and average summer temperature hover around 72 degrees.
  9. Environmental Awareness
    San Marcos takes environmental awareness to heart, and is working hard to preserve the San Marcos Creek, ridgelines and sensitive habitat. It actively participates in state, federal and regional conservation programs as well as progressive local air and water quality programs.
  10. Quality Medical Care
    Local and regional hospitals and clinics, community outreach programs, expanding private and community hospital facilities ensure that residents have quick and quality access to medical care.


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