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Wall Street Journal Reports on Spike in Counterfeit Chips

Dr. Bill Cardoso has been sounding the alarm regarding the impending surge in counterfeit electronic components for months.  So, it was no surprise when The Wall Street Journal’s Stephanie Yang reached out recently for Dr. Cardoso’s insight into the situation, for her article “What’s Worse Than a Chip Shortage? Buying Fake Ones.

The Journal article does a nice job providing an overview of scams being perpetrated during the chip shortage, as well as an introduction to organizations that can help.  We were pleased, of course, that the piece also noted the important role that technologies such as X-ray play in curbing the problem.

“It’s not that I’m clairvoyant, it’s just that we’ve seen this play out a number of times before,” said Dr. Cardoso.  “When supplies tighten, counterfeiters are highly incentivized to fill the void.  It’s an age-old problem.”  As noted in the article, Creative Electron has seen an uptick in demand for X-ray systems used to validate electronic components and combat counterfeits.

For additional information about how X-ray systems are utilized in interdicting substandard parts, see “Don’t Get Duped by the Semiconductor Shortage: 10 tips,” or better yet, reach out directly to The X-ray People.

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