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What makes a “Drone” FLY

What makes a “Drone” FLY

Have you broken that shine drone you got from Santa? No?! That’s impressive! Anyway, we broke it for you under our powerful x-rays. There are different parts that make a drone fly. The main item is the 4 to 6 vertically mounted motors that turn a propeller or prop with direct or indirect gearing. As you can see with my drone, just a basic one from ROSS. The prop is connected to a large gear that is driven by a small motor with a gear. The main thing that breaks on drones is the “prop”. This happens when it gets too close to an object and the prop breaks by getting tangled or loses lift due to not enough down force being generated on drone. And when you’re flying one of these things, it loves to find walls and trees to hit!

The other thing that often breaks is the landing rails when the unit drops to the ground too fast. That’s what happens when you feel you’re losing control of the beast, and you decide to turn the props off… and the drone falls from the sky as elegantly as a brick of lead…

The use of cameras, geo data from GPS, small battery technologies and sync controls from on board controls on the RC device have brought a new group of RC hobbyist to the Quadcopter drone craze. The newcomers have grown so fast that a FAA registration as a UAS is need for any drone that is over a half pound in weight.

The variation in the speeds of all the motors is how the direction of the drone is controlled and the faster all the motor are spinning at the same time will generate the lift of the drone. With the growth of smartphones in our everyday life this has been able to drive down the cost of accelerometer, GPS, small cameras and gyroscopes tech down to a point that I could pick this 15” drone for $80 USD.

Now it’s time to get out there and fly your drones… and keep them away from stationary and moving objects!

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For those of you out there who are not happy with an x-ray gif of a flying drone, here’s a bunch on x-ray images looking at the details of the thing. Now you’ll know more about the construction of these things that you’ve ever wanted!

Top Down View
Side Angle View
Top Down View
Camera Module
Gyro Sensor
Main Control Board

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