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Which candy do I eat first?

Choao Candy

Which candy do I eat first?

When you get a box of chocolates, they are filled with assorted good thing and covered in either milk or dark chocolate. You want to know what they are before you take a bite, right? How do you find out? Do you take a small bite and put it back if you don’t like it? Then the next person is “What the ##**, really!!”  You can be the somewhat-nice person and cut it open with a butter knife. And the leftovers go to the next winner of “Oh, really. Well at least they didn’t take half bits.” Or you can x-ray them and find out without any damage at all. That’s the perfect case for NDT (non-destructive testing). You might even get the box x-rayed before you buy them.

You might ask, “How do I tell what is what?” Are you looking for the ones with nuts? Nougat? Fruit? Caramel? Fudge? Buttercream? Toffee? Well in doing some preliminary imaging of my box of chocolates, the ganache-filled ones are lighter because of the air to make it fluffy. The fudge is even more dense than milk chocolate and shows up darker. The various liquid or jelly filled ones usually have some air bubbles in it that show up very clearly. Can you tell which one is which?

In my Ghirardelli squares I was able to see voids, bubbles in the image, in the caramel and strawberry filled ones. The lightest square is the dark chocolate, but which one has what filling? Well, caramel has a higher viscosity and therefore fewer bubbles. The strawberry filling has bubbles all over the place.

But if you want a delicious treat while also supporting a good cause, other than your local chocolatier. Buy some Girl Scout cookies for your sweet heart instead and you’ll know you are supporting a great leadership experience for girls, setting them up for a lifetime of success. I even got a picture of some of those cookies for you as well.

Thin Mints

Geek Factor 11

Guess which candy is which?



A: Wild Truffle – Dark chocolate ganache rolled in cocoa powder

B: Savory Salt Caramel – Salt butter caramel infused with fresh rosemary

C: Firecracker Truffle – Chipotle caramel fudge, sea salt and popping candy

D: Sweet Passion – Exotic passion fruit cooked into soft caramel

E: Dulce de Leche – Traditional latin american milk caramel

F: Mocha – A rich coffee buttercream spiked with rum

G: Salt Butter Caramel – Soft caramel with a bit of sea salt

H: Fambroise – Raspberry “pate de fruit” and almond hazelnut praline

I: Strawberry Seduction – Sweet strawberry caramel with a touch of tangy balsamic

J: Bananas Foster – Ripe banana, brown sugar, and butter caramel

K: The Darkest – Bold 72% dark chocolate ganache

L: Almond Truffle – Almond hazelnut praline rolled in sliced, caramelized almonds and pistachios

M: Hazelnut Latte – Roasted hazelnuts blended with fresh vanilla and a hint of coffee

N: Honey Truffle – Dark chocolate ganache, infused with orange liqueur, sweetened with honey and rolled in confectioner’s sugar

O: Salted Chocolate Crunch – Toasted panko breadcrumbs, olive oil garache and a sprinkle of sea salt

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