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The X-ray Van Gathers No Moss

The Creative Electron X-ray Van is on a roll!  As part of its nationwide tour, it has hit Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Portland, Seattle, and Salt Lake City.  It has traversed the Rockies, en route to Denver, and is now leave the West for dates in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  Somebody could write a song about this!

The lyrics would have to evoke fun and excitement, and yet convey the seriousness of the mission.  On it’s many stops, the X-ray Van has demonstrated the power and usefulness of X-ray imaging to a variety of enterprises.  From electronics component distributors trying to combat counterfeiters, to medical device manufacturers who’s top concern is quality and safety, with stops in between at sporting goods manufacturers just trying to perfect fun, the X-ray Van has seen a lot along the way.

We haven’t even imagined the breadth of industries that can benefit from X-ray inspection, or how they might utilize these amazing tools.  We are seeing samples that include circuit boards, electromechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies, surgical kits, armor plates, hockey pucks, and even the odd red Swingline stapler.

It’s been a great trip so far, but we haven’t seen it all.  And we haven’t seen you.  So check out the schedule and reserve your X-ray Van demo early.  As much as we are enjoying being out and seeing everyone, we can only stay in any given region briefly, and the calendar fills up fast.  Don’t miss your chance to learn how X-ray inspection can benefit your business with the most convenient equipment demo ever.  Curious, but not ready to book a visit? Please reach out with any questions.


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