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X-ray Inspection for Medical Devices


The goal of medical device manufacturers is to produce products that meet the highest quality standards. The quality of these life changing, often life saving devices is absolutely critical, both to the patients they serve and the companies that design and manufacture them. With such a strong focus on quality assurance, we are somewhat surprised to see how under-utilized X-ray inspection is in medical device manufacturing lines.

  • High resolution X-ray is like machine vision with insight.
  • Automation improves efficiency and reduces labor.
  • Artificial intelligence preforms better than human inspectors.
  • Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

The Power of Modern X-ray

Contemporary X-ray inspection systems are remarkably efficient and powerful. These systems can be used to identify defects at virtually any stage of manufacturing, from inspecting components, to sub-assemblies, to completed products and even packaged goods. Whether you are trying to confirm parts placement, presence or absence, critical dimensions, or myriad other features, advanced X-ray inspection literally gives you insight into your products. Think machine vision that can see through your device.

The Efficiency of Automation

Combining high-resolution, real-time X-ray inspection with automation allows for these powerful tools to be integrated seamlessly into your manufacturing line at any, and in some cases multiple spots in your production line. Automation can make image acquisition as simple as pushing a button. Depending on your specific requirements, automated X-ray may include material handling such as conveyors, cobots, and robots, speeding the inspection process and reducing demands on line operators. Near instantaneous image acquisition means your X-ray system won’t slow down your production line.

Fewer Failures with AI

Many of our medical device customers, seeking to reduce human error in their inspection process, choose to enhance their automated X-ray integrations with artificial intelligence (AI). AI software, combined with automation allows autonomous or semi-autonomous decision making. For the most tedious inspection tasks, it can dramatically reduce errors while simultaneously reducing labor demands. Automated X-ray with AI represents the panicle of efficiency and accuracy in quality assurance.

Design for Integration

So often, we are introducing X-ray inspection solutions to solve serious manufacturing problems, even FDA recalls, after the fact. While we’ve successfully addressed such issues for many medical device manufacturers, X-ray inspection is better incorporated into the design of your manufacturing line. Adopting advanced X-ray inspection earlier rather than later can make your quality process both more efficient and effective, and possibly even save lives.

Creative Electron excels at designing and integrating X-ray inspection tools for medical device manufacturers. Our systems are inspecting thousands of medical devices every hour, enhancing quality and safety with every image. Please, reach out to explore how X-ray inspection can help ensure the safety of your devices.

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