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X-ray is the New Black

While purveyors of luxury fashion have generally held resellers in low esteem, the tables may be turning.  Because fashion resellers add value through authentication, they’ve been investing heavily in procedures and high-tech tools for validating the merchandise they sell.  They’ve honed their authentication protocols such that they are arguably doing a better job of weeding out fakes than the typical authorized retailer.

Why are you reading about this in a blog for an X-ray system manufacturer?  You guessed it; X-ray inspection is among the high-tech tools that luxury fashion resellers are employing in the fight against counterfeits.  Combating counterfeiters is in our DNA at Creative Electron, so when we had the opportunity to aid a local retailer in strengthening their validation process, we were eager to help.

The X-ray system we designed supports validation of a variety of luxury goods including shoes, handbags, jewelry and watches.  High resolution, real-time X-ray inspection easily identify solid gold vs. gold plating and can reveal internal features such as rivets or screws without the need to disassemble or unstitch a garment or bag.  X-ray inspection makes a great first line of defense, as a quick inspection can save valuable time for highly trained authentication staff.  Such systems can even be used to inspect incoming shipments from consignees in order to verify contents prior to opening packages.

Learn more about the growth of luxury fashion resale, and the remarkable efforts of these retailers to offer exclusively authentic products here.  Explore more images and learn about how Creative Electron in helping here.

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