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X-Ray Rock ‘n’ Roll

The team here at Creative Electron is no stranger to out of the box thinking, after all, it’s in our name! The X-ray industry is filled with creative solutions and uses. One such use is the clandestine re-purposing of medical X-ray images by Russian citizens. Re-purposed for what? Vinyl albums! During the Cold War, the Soviet government blocked much of the western influences from entering the state. Music lovers during that time began to copy records onto medical X-ray images. These images were in abundance because of a state mandated policy requiring hospitals to discard old X-rays which were considered a fire hazard. With the materials in hand and a machine capable of writing groves onto them (often the product of reverse engineering) people began breathing life into the macabre images with their favorite jazz and rock ‘n’ roll tracks. Such recordings were often called “bone music” or “rib music.” We see a lot of X-ray images here at Creative Electron; until recently, that’s all we could do, “see” the images. Today, thanks to the ingenuity of our team, we can breathe life into these images as well. The new TrueView™ Fusion CT is capable of rendering hundreds of X-ray images into an incredibly detailed 3D model that we can then 3D print! This exciting technology is just one of the efforts were making to push the limits of X-ray technology and creative inspection solutions.  Be on the look out for our own X-ray music via our upcoming album!

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