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X-Ray Seed Inspection

We recently started a study with the Dairy Focus Laboratory at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Under the guidance of Dr. Phil Cardoso, Dr. Glen Thomas (our VP of Marketing) is studying the feasibility of determining the digestive properties of different types of corn. The idea is to develop a method that uses x-ray inspection to effectively assess how the dairy herd will react to a wide range of corn feed. As seen in the following image, preliminary studies have shown that x-ray inspection can effectively determine the variety and density of different types of corn feed.


“A total of 12 varieties of corn were tested using the x-ray inspection methodology we developed. Although preliminary, results so far are very promising,” said Dr. Thomas. “The end goal is to connect the characteristics of the corn x-ray image to milk output. Once we establish this link, we will be able to give researchers a powerful tool to create new feed varieties.” For more information about this study and all other ongoing research at Creative Electron, please contacts us at or call us at 760.752.1192.

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