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Because so few of the inspection challenges we see are alike, at Creative Electron we’ve become adept at offering customized X-ray inspection solutions to meet specific needs. While our standard product line reflects what our customers have asked for over the years, we know that shoehorning you into a solution that doesn’t fully address your inspection requirements isn’t good for anyone.

Custom, fully-automated X-ray inspection systems, like one we recently produced for a manufacturer of a medical auto-injector, just don’t lend themselves to off-the-shelf solutions. Our engineering team, in collaboration with our client, was able to produce an autonomous X-ray inspection solution in which a robot arm introduces samples to the system, which are then barcode scanned, enter the system on a conveyor, and exit only upon passing inspection with failed product is quarantined within the system. This custom solution improved quality control, increased production efficiency, and reduced labor costs all while meeting the most stringent quality standards. Check out this brief feature video below.

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