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X-ray Van? What’s an X-ray Van?!


The Creative Electron X-ray Van is our mobile X-ray demonstration lab, featuring our two most popular inspection systems.  It’s a quick and easy way to answer your questions about how X-ray inspection can help your process or products.

X-ray inspection is a great way to support research and development, failure analysis, and quality assurance.  Perhaps you’ve wondered if X-ray inspection can improve your process or production, or maybe you’ve never even considered it.  Either way, a visit from the Creative Electron X-ray Van can quickly satisfy your curiosity or help you discover something new.

We encourage you and your team to think creatively, and bring out any samples you’d be curious to get a peek inside.  Our X-ray Van will be in your area soon, and appointments are limited.  Reserve your preferred X-ray Van visit today.

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