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X-ray Van II: The High Throughput Sequel

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What’s better than one X-ray Van? A second one, of course!  While our original X-ray van, equipped with its TruView™ X-ray machine, was designed to showcase our high resolution imaging systems,  we developed van number two with something else in mind.  This is a workhorse of an X-ray van, intended to provide high throughput, and is rapidly deployable for onsite inspection services.

When you have an inspection emergency, the typical process for selecting, validating and procuring an X-ray system won’t serve you well.  Our high throughput van is our answer to serve the needs of customers with an urgent or temporary inspection challenge.  This system, with conveyor in one side and out the other, can rapidly image a wide variety of products.  From component parts to completed assemblies, packaged goods, and even food and agricultural products, this van has you covered.  The X-ray van can even be a valuable component of event security.

Depending on your need, a Creative Electron X-ray van can be deployed to your location for days, weeks, or even months.  Perhaps the van serves as a stop gap until you’ve identified a permanent solution (we can help with those too).  And, of course, we can provide expert support as needed.

Since you may not have an immediate need, now is a good time to bookmark this page so you can find us down the road.  Of course, if you’d like to learn more now, please reach out.

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