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Trade in Trade up

Trade-in and Trade-up

You’ve got an older X-ray system that’s working just fine.  So why replace it now, when you can wait until the need is more urgent?  There are a number of good reasons to consider trading-in your X-ray machine, even if it is still doing the job.  For instance, a working system simply has more trade-in value. Also, newer X-ray systems are more reliable and can add capabilities that you might not even know you are missing.

Avoid Downtime

If your process is highly dependent on availability of your X-ray system, then reliability may be among the best reasons to consider a trade-in.  As your machine ages, the risk of extended down time from a failed source or other major component is of increasing concern.  When repairs are possible, the wait for replacement parts can be long.  If your system can’t be repaired or it’s too cost prohibitive, you could be waiting weeks for a replacement.  Even if you are fortunate enough to avoid such failures, image quality can degrade over time.

Connectivity and Security

Is your imaging software is running on a computer with an operating system older than Windows 10? If so, your IT department may not allow it network access.  Many older machines rely on software and computer systems that are no longer supported.  In such cases, problems with these can be nearly impossible to resolve.

Recent Advancements

If it has been a while since you shopped X-ray machines, you may be surprised by recent advancements.  Not only have the imaging capabilities of X-ray systems improved significantly, but so too has the software and other tools that support them.  Image analysis tools have gotten easier to uses as well having greater capabilities.  Newer systems also allow for integration of business analysis tool, barcode scanners, and cobots or robots for material handling.  AI enabled systems can support automated or even autonomous inspection.

Financing Available

Management of cash flow is always a consideration when thinking about buying capital equipment – like a brand new TruView™ X-ray machine. Not to worry, we have a complete package of financing options available to you. That means you can get started with a brand new X-ray machine with low monthly payments. If you consider how low interest rates are now, it may make sense to finance instead of straight cash outlay.

Maximize Value

Because Creative Electron refurbishes and remarkets legacy X-ray equipment in-house, we are able to offer maximum trade-in value for your older X-ray system.  Because the value of your trade-in is largely a function of its condition, trading-up while your machine is still fully functional will maximize it’s worth.  You will also avoid the pain of down time, and having to make a rush decision on a replacement system, not to mention the cost of disposal.  Oh, and it’s worth noting, if you get a new system before year’s end, you can take advantage of tax incentives such as section 179.

Please reach out to us for an evaluation of how much your older X-ray system may be worth in trade.  We’d love to show you, too, how much a trade-up can contribute to your operation.

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